August Newsletter

Direct Primary Care is gaining steam!!! We are now over 900 practices strong and providing care to almost 250,000 patients. Patients are tired of 8 minute visits with their primary doctor, and health outcomes on preventable diseases certainly are not improving. Direct Primary Care gives doctors more time with patients to discuss individual risk factors and important health maintenance measures. Patients also have more direct access to their doctors which can reduce the need to go to the urgent care or emergency room unnecessarily.

Every Direct Primary Care office is different, allowing the practice to reflect the needs of the community. There are some in urban underserved communities seeing mostly patients on Medicaid that do not have great access to a primary and use the ER for most primary care needs. These practices have shown a great service to the community and reduced acute care utilization.

Health and Healing Direct Primary Care is not a concierge model, and we aim to have an accessible membership price to allow for access across various demographic groups. We also have a broad spectrum of care including pediatrics, gynecology and geriatrics. We will cap our panel at 600 patients to always allow for better access and more time. Most primary care offices that work within a fee-for-service model, billing insurance companies per visit, have around 2000-2500 patients per doctor. I am so excited to be a party of model of healthcare that I feel proud of delivering. Call or email me if you have any questions.

Have a wonderful and healthy August!!!

-Aimee Ostick MD FAFFP

Owner and Primary Care Physician

Health and Healing Direct Primary Care